Image courtesy of Tim Grey

Image courtesy of Tim Grey

Tom Goldner is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His career spans art, portraiture, documentary and commercial projects.

Tom is passionate about the role photography can play in promoting social and cultural outcomes. His Volta project (2010 – 2013) showcased 27 haunting back and white photographs taken around the remote Lake Volta region of Ghana.  Tom lived with, and spent time documenting the work and day-to-day lives of communities affected by child labour in Ghana’s finishing industry. 

The work was extensively exhibited across two states and raised over $90,000 to assist organisations working at the prevention of child exploitation in Ghana. 

In 2011 Tom was named the runner up of the APPA Documentary Photographer of the Year. In 2013 his Volta series was a featured exhibition as part of the Head On Photo Festival. 

In 2014 Tom founded The Fox Darkroom to share his enthusiasm for black-and-white film photography.  Rather than focusing on nostalgia or trends, Tom’s work and practice explores the relevance of traditional processes in the contemporary landscape of photography.

The opening of The Fox Gallery in 2016 reflects both his ongoing commitment to traditional darkroom printing and his passion for sharing the results as well as the process.  The gallery has become an important outpost for both photographers and members of the public to experience and engage with important photographic works.

Tom’s 2017 exhibition Passage captures a time of transition in his photography practice. In 2015 and 2016, Tom made two expeditions around the Mont Blanc regions of France, Italy and Switzerland. Ever-conscious of the changing nature of the landscape – the fact that you could stand in the same spot one year later and find everything had changed – he shot fleeting moments on medium format film.

The 20 atmospheric black and white landscapes were all developed, printed and toned by hand in the darkroom. Passage will be exhibited at The Fox Gallery from 5 – 21, May 2017.

Tom has started work on his next endeavour, Of the Sea is a long-term photographic study that honours planet Earth’s greatest river of life: the global ocean.

Utilising the craft of black and white film photography. Underwater, panoramic and medium format cameras have been used to produce arresting images. This combination of artful storytelling and documentary photography highlights our connection to the diverse ecosystems of the oceans.

Of The Sea helps increase our understanding of, and our deep ties to, the oceans. It also fosters respect and understanding for cultural diversity. Of The Sea reinforces the notion that all people are inextricably connected to this ancient source of life.